Election Updates and Dues Reminder

Ron Loveday was voted as the Vice President at the December meeting. Reminder our next club meeting is 16 January 6:00 pm at the camp house. Also we are excepting dues for next year. All dues must be paid by the February meeting on 20 February 6:00 pm at the camp house. February is also the meeting we review rules and accept motions for any changes with the vote at the march meeting.

No More Cards

ATTENTION ATTENTION!!! We will only be sending post cards every 3 months or when really important information needs to get out to the members. Highly encourage everyone to check our web site for messages. Our club meetings are 6:00 every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the club house. I will be posting any new and important information on our web site.
lowndescountywildlifefederation.com/ If anyone has any questions feel free to call me. Thanks Hal Larkin Secretary/Treasurer LCWF

April Notes

Our next Club meeting is Tues. 18 APR. at 6:00 pm.
This is the last meeting until 15 August.
Work days: 22 Apr., 19 Aug., 23 Sept.
Rabbit hunting has gone back to the way it has been for years. Rabbit hunting is allowed on the
north end anytime during rabbit season. Rabbit hunting is not allowed on any other properties
during deer season. Members packages are at the club house. Please go by and get them.
See you at the Meeting.
Please wear your badge at the meeting.
LCWF Homepage – lowndescountywildlifefederation.com
E-Mail: lcwfms@gmail.com


I received an email to me via the webpage contact page. This is a contact page that sends a message that I check on. I will forward it to a board member if I can’t answer it. Just to point it out to everyone, I am not a board officer. I only maintain the webpage. I am just a member like everyone else.

The bulletin board section is a place where you can buy and sell things. You can also make comments to everyone. If you need to sell something, send me a message I will ask you for photos and make a post for you.

If you have anything important to address the general membership, Send it to me via the contact page and I will add  a formatted post to the front page, with your name signing it.


January Notes

Our next Club meetings are Tues. 17 Jan. 21 Feb., 21 Mar. at 6:00 pm. Dues will be $450 and $225 for those 70-up with 5 consecutive years in the club. Payments will be accepted now and Due no later than 21 Feb. No-workday fee is $50 Please go to camp house and pick up your Badges and put Vehicle sticker in your vehicle, in plain sight!

The new Sec/Treas. is Hal Larkin, effective 1 Feb.
See you at the Meeting.