Gate 21 Loosing Land

Inside gate 21 we are losing 100 acres because the land owner will be clearing the woods and then graveling it. I will post a map on the site of the affected area. If you have a stand in that area you will need to remove it. Horrible news but beyond our control. More to come.

Land inside of gate 21. We are loosing land. Please remove stands.

New Rule

New Rules: 1. Small game hunting is allowed on all LCWF land except during any gun deer season. 2. To be nominated for an elected office the member must have 5 current consecutive years as a member. 3. 4 total deer are allowed not to exceed 2 bucks 6 point or better. example 2 doe 2 bucks 6 point or better, 4 doe only, 3 doe and 1 buck 6 point or better.

Membership Dues

Our next 3 Club meetings are Tues. 20 Feb, 19 Mar, 16 Apr 6:00 pm. At the camp house.
ATTENTION:    Membership Dues are due by the end of the February meeting.
You can contact me if you want to swing by the house and pay your dues earlier.
Rules review will be done at the February meeting.  Please bring your copy of the rules. Any motions for rule changes will be voted on during the March meeting.
Dues $500 if you did not do a work day.  $450 if you did a work day.
Over 70 with 5 consecutive years as a member $250 if you did not do a work day $225 if you did a work day.

March Notes

Our next Club meeting are Tues. 21 Mar, 18 APR. at 6:00 pm.
Guest speaker: Adam Butler’Turkey Biologist.

Work days 25 Mar., 22 Apr., 19Aug., 23 Sept.

Motion by #114 second by #11 to be voted on at 21 March meeting
as follows: During Deer season rabbit hunters can hunt all of the
club land Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. This applies north end
land also. After Deer season all rabbit hunters can hunt any day
anywhere on the club during rabbit season. Any rule changes will
be posted in the guide. We no longer have a big buck contest.

See you at the Meeting-

Please wear your badge at the meeting.

LCWF Homepage –

Reminder From the Secretary


Our next Club meetings are Tues. 21 Feb., 21 Mar.  at 6:00 pm. Dues will be $450 and $225 for those 70-up with 5 consecutive years in the club. Payments will be accepted now and Due no later than 21 Feb. No-workday fee is $50. Feb. meeting rules review/proposed changes.  Mar. meeting vote on rule changes if any.  


See you at the Meeting.



Please wear your badge at the meeting. 

LCWF Homepage –


February Minutes

Hal Larkin has assumed duties as Secretary / Treasurer of the club. He is monitoring the club email, Or you can leave comments in on the comment page and I will see to it a board member gets it if I can’t answer it.

Yearly dues are  due no later than Feb 21. A $50  fee is added if there wasn’t a workday performed.

The March meeting ( third Tuesday) will vote on any rule changes.