January Notes

Our next Club meetings are Tues. 18 Jan., 15 Feb. and 15 Mar. at 6:00 pm at the Camp House.
The only nominations at the Nov.-Dec. meetings were for the current Officers. No vote required, current officers remain in office. Thanks for your continued support of us.

The Pines North of Stinson Creek
inside the gate 2-weigh-in station area are scheduled for thin cutting. Weyerhaeuser is not responsible for any damage. Remove what you can. See maps at camphouse.

Dues will be $450 or $225 for those over 70 with 5 consecutive year’s membership. Dues must be paid by the end of the 15 Feb. 2022 meeting or membership will be terminated. You should know if you have workday credit. Please contact me for verification. The No-workday fee is $50.

Please go to our website each month for club info.
See you at the Meeting.
Please wear your badge at the meeting.
LCWF Homepage: http://lowndescountywildlifefederation.com

Email lcwfms@gmail.com

Rule Change and More

The Board has discussed changing the rule for marking stands. The proposal is to have each member place a metal placard in a easily observable place on your stand with name and club number using paint, stickers or engraved. These placards need to be maintained readable as long as you have the stand.  This will no longer require an annual date marking. Please give me your opinion:  lcwf@cableone.net or 662 769 9192.

There will be no meetings until the state allows large gatherings. Meetings will be announced by post cards and posted to this site.

We encourage members to find something on the club that needs done to earn work day credit. There are a number of downed trees and roads with overhanging branches that need to be cut. Those with access to tractors can bush-hog roads and trails for credit too. Text, call, or email me know when you’re done so I can document it. lcwf@cableone.net or 662 769 9192.

2018 Deer Season Starts

October 1 marked the beginning of the 2018 / 2019 deer season. It started with Archery only until November 16. Remember it’s either sex during Archery season. Size and limits are the club size and limits. You can head over to the Library tab to download that and more.

Reminder that the shooting range is only open from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

RULES 1819