Club Meetings Early 2022

Our next Club meetings are Tues. 16 Nov. and 21 Dec. and 18 Jan. at 6:00 pm at the Camp House.
Nominations of Officers will be accepted at the Nov. & Dec. meetings. Elections will be held at the Dec. meeting. Dues needed to go up due to increases in lease contracts. Dues will be $450 or $225 for those over 70 with 5 consecutive year’s membership. Dues must be paid by the end of the Feb. 2022 meeting or membership will be terminated. I will start accepting payments Jan 2022. If you are unsure if you have workday credit, please contact me for verification. No-workday fee is $50. Please go to our website each month for club info. Please pick up your badges at the camp house.
See you at the Meeting.
Please wear your badge at the meeting.
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