Attention February Meeting Update


Our next Club meeting is 18 Feb. at 7:00 pm at the Camp House.

There is the possibility of flooding this week and we may have no access to the Camp house. You can mail dues or stop by my house and pay, if needed.(address down below). I am home all day but please call or text to confirm. We will extend the deadline to 29 February if flooding blocks access to Camp.

Dues will be $400 or $200 for those over 70 with 5 consecutive year’s membership. Dues must be paid by the end of the Feb. 2020 meeting or 29 Feb. Membership will be terminated if dues are not paid on time. If you are unsure if you have workday credit, please contact me for verification. No-workday fee is $50. Please go to our website each month for club info.

See you at the Meeting.



Please wear your badge at the meeting.  

LCWF Home Page:



4534 Ridge Rd.

Columbus, MS. 39705

I am on the corner of Thomas circle and Ridge Rd.

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