Hunting Over Bait (Don’t Do It)

Please do not broadcast corn or other grains during Turkey season. Turkey hunters travel all around the club looking for turkeys. If they get caught hunting over a field that has corn and were unaware it was there it could ruin their season!

It is illegal in Mississippi to hunt any wild animal or bird with the aid of bait. (


Meeting Announcement

Our next meetings are Tuesday 20 Nov. and 18 Dec. at 7 pm. We will be accepting nominations for Club Officers for 2019. There will be food served at the November meeting. State rules for feeders have changed. You may set a feeder at any distance from your stand. Feeders must be 100 yards away from any property lines. Dues for 19/20 will be $400, or $200 for those over 70 with 5 consecutive year’s membership. There is a $50 work day fee if you have not done a work day. Out of area members are bound by this fee also. The secretary, Chap Browne, will start accepting dues in January.

The new 2019 rules are in the library section.

2018 Deer Season Starts

October 1 marked the beginning of the 2018 / 2019 deer season. It started with Archery only until November 16. Remember it’s either sex during Archery season. Size and limits are the club size and limits. You can head over to the Library tab to download that and more.

Reminder that the shooting range is only open from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

RULES 1819



Supplemental Feeding Change

MDWFP has announced a change in supplemental feeding rules. The club will abide by the State rules regarding supplemental feeding.



  • Feeders may be located within ANY distance from a stand.
  • Feeders CAN NOT be located within 100 yards of a border or property line.
  • Feeders must be above ground. No dumping feed on ground
  • Supplemental feeding is PROHIBITED from 1 March to the end of Turkey season.

Look in the links section for the link to the supplemental feeding regulation.