Member Information

Meetings are held the THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, August thru March.

To obtain a membership application click on the link below. You or one of the sponsoring members must return this application to:


21 Sanders Ln


on or before the February meeting. (completed applications may be given to a Board Member prior to that time)

The number of memberships for a given year are based on the number vacancies made available. At the end of February membership renewals are counted. Non renewals result in the vacancies available for that year. The following priority is used to determine new members.

  1. Children of existing members turning 18, or 24 if attending college.
  2. Previous members that left in good standing.
  3. The remaining applications are voted on by the board to fill the remaining vacancies for the year.


Download the LCWF Rules in the Library Section


Lowndes County Wildlife Federation RULES

  1. The Board of Directors of the Lowndes County Wildlife Federation will administer all rules.
  2. All members shall obey all Federal and State Game and Fish Laws as well as LCWF rules.
  3. Members will at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and will not intentionally misrepresent themselves or any of their actions while on LCWF properties.


The board is determined to run the club as a recreational group and not as a business. If you see a problem, or make a mistake, tell someone and it will be fairly dealt with. Everybody is only human, and deserves a fair shake. Repeated and severe infractions will be seriously dealt with. This is your club and you need to serve as a watchman for its health and welfare. Let’s all have a good time and enjoy the great outdoors. Be sure to ask a Board Member if you have questions about any of the guidelines below.


1.      Immediate family members are defined as “Spouse, College students and minor Children or Grandchildren 15yrs or under” and are not guests and are seen as “a part of” the member.

  1. Members and guests should wear badges that are placed in a visible location on clothing.
  2. A Club decal or a note with member’s # must be affixed to and/or visible on any vehicle used by members or guests on LCWF land.
  3. A list of members including badge numbers and phone numbers will be supplied to each member


  1. A guest is defined as anyone who is not an immediate family member.
  2. Members may only have 1 guest per day when hunting EXCEPT THAT 2 guests are allowed when fishing or rabbit, squirrel or duck hunting.
  3. Members must accompany guests and are responsible for the safety and all actions of their guests.
  4. Family and guests must be accompanied by the member and remain within close proximity of the member.
  5. Members must “sign in” guests at the beginning of each visit to the club property. The sign-up forms are located at all LCWF Weigh-in Stations. Use a regular piece of paper if the forms are missing, and put the date, your name, the guest’s name, and have the guest sign it.
  6. No guests are allowed on opening day of any hunting season


  1. A fishing member and guest(s) may only take a limit equal to that of the member alone.
  2. A guest is entitled to one deer per hunting season and the deer harvested by the guest will be counted against the annual deer allocation of the member.
  3. A guest is entitled to one legal turkey per hunting season and the turkey harvested by the guest will be counted against the turkey limit of the member.


  1. Member Name, Badge number, and season year (i.e. 10/11) must identify all stands (permanent, ladder, or unattended climber), by June 1st unless otherwise authorized by the Board.
  2. Stands must be 100 yards from each other in woods, and 300 yards from each other in open.
  3. No deer stands will be built after the end of September unless approved by the Board.
  4. Food Plots must be in by the end of September each year.
  5. Each member will have the privilege of having up to three permanent stands not to exceed 2 in any county. (They may be locked).
  6. Members are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of stands so they are safe to use.
  7. A member has first priority to their stands and it’s radius at any time.
  8. Members are required to obtain permission prior to using another member’s stand.
  9. Guests must use inviting member’s stand unless permission has been obtained from other members.
  10. Members, who have stands on a road or path, must allow other members access by their stand at any time. However, members should use good judgment and be sportsman about passing stands with members in them.


  2. Members are ordinarily expected to park outside gates or within view inside gates. DO NOT DRIVE AROUND GATES OR FENCES.
  3. Members will be provided a key for gates. DO NOT DUPLICATE THIS KEY.
  4. An LCWF key is not transferable to anyone and is subject to recall by the LCWF Board.
  5. Members are responsible for closing and locking the gates (both in and out) and reporting violations or problems (gates left unlocked, bypassing gates, non-functioning gates or signs).
  6. All roads leased to LCWF are open to member vehicle traffic except during Hunting Seasons. Keep vehicles and ATVs off green fields, food plots, and other easily rutted areas.
  7. No vehicles of any type are allowed on wet roads if rutting may result.


State and Federal game and fish laws except as amended below govern fishing in our leased ponds:

  1. No trotlines, set hooks, etc. are allowed.
  2. Jug fishing is allowed on club with a limit of 12 jugs per member. (Badge number must be on jugs.)
  3. Use caution when questioning non-members at the lakes, as they may be guests of landowners.
  4. Catfish Limit is 10 per day.
  5. Size limit for keeping Crappie is 9” and for Bass is 14”.



  1. During deer and turkey hunting seasons, the shooting hours at the range are 10am to 2 pm.
  2. Be certain the range and areas surrounding range are clear before using the range.
  3. The warning flag by the gate must be raised before shooting and must be lowered by the last member of the party leaving the range.
  4. SAFETY FIRST is the rule and any unsafe shooting activities of any kind are not permitted All guns are regarded as loaded on the range.
  5. “Sighting in” of weapons will be at the Shooting range only.
  6. Be courteous to other members. A 30-minute time limit is the maximum allowed time for any member/family and guests to use the range when others are waiting. Rapidly do your setup and shooting and get done in a timely manner.
  7. Only 1 guest per member may use the shooting range at one time, UNLESS CLEARED BY THE BOARD. Guests must sign in prior to shooting. Shooting groups may be allowed if proper supervision is supplied and if the group is cleared by the Board.
  8. No person(s) are allowed to be on the range closer than the shooting rest in use.
  9. Shoot only at the lower crossties/targets in front of the sand pile area. Do not shoot at standards supporting the ties or sand pile. Do not shoot in any direction other that at the sand pile target area.
  10. Keep the Range Clean! Trash, targets, brass, etc. should be removed by the member.


  1. Bucks must be 6 POINTS OR BETTER. Do Not Cull genetics with less than 6 points!
  2. Club harvest limits are set following the setting of state limits each year.
  3. Youth (15 yrs. or younger) may take State legal Bucks or State legal Turkey during the first week of Youth Season. The FIRST week of Youth Season is the only time game will not be subtracted from the members limit.
  4. Shooting from a boat or toward/over any lake is prohibited except for water fowling in a safe manner. Rat shot for snakes is acceptable while fishing.
  5. Contact with landowners or their agents or guests while on LCWF holdings should be reported to the Board for informational purposes. Show courtesy to these individuals.
  6. Raccoon hunting on the club during deer season will be restricted to Monday thru Thursday and last no later than 11:00 PM
  7. Members who access Corp Land through LCWF land are subject to all LCWF Rules
  8. Hunting will cease on any LCWF land affected by flood conditions until water recedes.
  9. Members may squirrel or rabbit hunt with dogs on any club property until beginning of deer gun season then only the land north of the base is open. All Club properties are open to small game hunting with dogs after deer gun season. Be careful when Archery/Black Powder hunters are present.
  10. For Safety, Orange will be worn during all deer gun seasons including black powder regardless of game being hunted.
  11. Anyone willfully damaging any Club/Member investment is subject to discipline from the Board.
  12. Rim-fire cartridges will not be used for deer hunting.


 Club members are responsible for knowing the rules and following sportsmanlike guidelines.

  • Members must report anyone hunting or trespassing on the LCWF premises without proper authority to the President or Board of Directors.
  • If the club expels a member for violation of rules, no fees will be refunded
  • The LCWF President and Board of Directors will consider for discipline any member activities which seem contrary to the rules and goals of the club.


121 Sanders Ln, Caledonia 39740