August Club Meeting

Club meeting was tonight. The next three Saturdays following the meetings at 8:00 AM at the clubhouse will be workdays. We will try to repair the shooting range railroad ties this Saturday, 21 August. Club members with pole saws are needed to help clears club roadways. A couple of members with lawn mowers and weed whackers are needed to cut all around, under the club house, porch and steps to at least three feet. contact a board member for coordination. If you don’t have a work day recorded yet call a board member for suggestions.

Board members are: Fred Ellis President, Ron Loveday Vice President, Chap Browne Secretary/Treasurer, Chuck Petty Board Member, Eddie Pennington Board Member. You can find their phone numbers in your roster.

Looks like club dues will have to increase to $450 the next time. This is because of increased lease cost  passed to us. The board will enforce work day participation. Failure to work at least one day and get it recorded by a board member will cost you an additional $50 due at the dues payment date.

The club recently acquired 40 acres of 16th section land in the Steens area. The lease should be finalized within the next few days.

The bulletin board area is available for buying / selling. This is the time to sell your unwanted hunting gear and buy somebody’s else’s unneeded gear. Services performed are welcome also provided they are hunting, fishing or shooting related.

Next meeting will be 21 September and 19 October. As always the third Tuesday of the month , located at the clubhouse at 6:00 PM. Wear your badges. Masks are optional.

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